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Hello, My Name is Brian R Bodenhamer
Along with building Business Networking Groups such as Geist Networking Lunch Club aka GNLC I'm also excited to be part of the team developing rwo distinct companies. One Local to Indianapolis, the other a Business focused on building nationally

The first is a hyper local marketing company Amplify Indy ( Amplify is focused on creating a culture of Culture, Community and Commerce. In other words by focusing o these aspects Amplify's mission is to assist Indianapolis businesses, especially small businesses get connected and give them options fulfilling their mission giving back to the community, build their brand and make Indy AWESOME! Amplify creates podcasts, hosts events and build business networking opportunities to accomplish this goal. For more info on how to lock arms with Amplify Indy contact Brian at: or 317-670-1074

The second company Woltux Suits and Tuxes (woltux,com) focuses on providing every man an unparalleled experience designing a custom hand stitched suit or tuxedo. Every man deserves a suit custom made suit that gives them the feeling of a Superhero After all, EVERY SUPERHERO HAS A CUSTOM MADE SUIT Every detail of the suit is customized to your fit and style. From the lapels to pant cuffs, buttons and trim. ever is your choice. You can even choose the color of your inner lining of your suit jacket and stitching with your name or phrase monogramed on the lining. one of Woltux's core values is: Making your Image, our Mission. Best of all the pricing of each suit is about the price of an off the rack suit with higher quality materials. Woltux also offers an incentive when you purchase 4 suits the 5th one is free! For more info on getting your Woltux Custom Made Suit contact Brian at: or 317-670-1074









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