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Marvin Massey Massey Martial Arts

I have been actively teaching karate for 30 years.  I also teach Judo, Tai Chi and Reiki. I am a Doctor of Naturopathy and a PhD in Natural Medicine. I teach and lecture on nutrition, exercise, proper attitude and lifestyle. I am an Eagle Scout and a US Army Paratrooper veteran. My mission is to serve my fellow man. I serve God by serving others. "The family that kicks together, sticks together."

New Book From Marvin Massey

In my book, I will show how anyone, old or young, can achieve their goals and dreams of health and accomplishment. At the age of 69 I earned my B.S. and at the age of 77, I earned my Ph.D. My book will show you how anyone can live a rich, productive, and healthy life in their sixties, seventies, and beyond.










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